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Pilgrim at 100: The Spirit Lives On!

Save the dates for upcoming events!

As we commemorate the past 100 years of Pilgrim Lutheran Church and look forward to the work we continue to do, we are hosting a variety of events to bring Pilgrims and our neighbors together to reflect and celebrate.

Because of the uncertainty of what the future holds regarding the pandemic, some of these events and dates are fluid and more information will be coming.

Community Ice Cream Social

September 12 l 3–5:00 pm

To kick off our celebration of Pilgrim’s 100th Anniversary, we welcome the community and all Pilgrims to this event! Visit with neighbors and friends, create art to be included in the Pilgrim west lawn art project, and enjoy outdoor games. Will be postponed in case of rain.

Celebration Worship Service

October 10 | 9:30 am

We will premier our newly commissioned hymn. Pilgrim member Bonnie Nash is the guest preacher for this inspiring service.

Anniversary Forum: Singing Our History in Praise of God’s Name

October 17 | 10:45 am

The 100th anniversary hymn text written by lyricist David Weiss is a bit like a slice of flourless chocolate torte — it’s rich and flavorful. Join the discussion as Pilgrims share their favorite phrases from the text and explore the nuances of meaning David has baked into the lyrics.

David Weiss does community-supported public theology and writes essays, hymns, and poetry. David spent 2014-15 with Pilgrim as our Theologian in Residence.

Anniversary Forum: Journey Inward, Journey Outward:

Trends in Progressive Churches

October 31 | 10:45 am

A discussion with Dan Bielenberg will focus on current themes in progressive churches. Where is God at work and how are we called to join in? What are the growth opportunities and challenges for progressive churches like Pilgrim as we look out towards the next 5-10 years?

Dan Bielenberg, M.Div., is an ordained deacon. He is the Director of Learning and Equitable Social Change with the Center for Leadership and Neighborhood Engagement in Minneapolis.

Celebration Worship & Lunch

November 21 | 9:30 am

Saint Paul Area Synod Bishop Patricia Lull preaches at the conclusion of our anniversary celebration.


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