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Join ISAIAH Pilgrims on Sunday, March 19, 1 pm for Saint Paul Caucuses!

The Saint Paul City Council has four open seats. The election for all seven ward seats will occur this Fall. Caucuses are our opportunity to impact their platforms by collectively voicing our values and submitting resolutions. We are an ISAIAH congregation. Some of the ISAIAH resolutions we will submit include Kids Count on Us (funding 0-5 childcare and centers), tenant protections, restoring key aspects of rent stabilization and climate justice.

The DFL is the only party holding Precinct Caucuses. Please be part of the 15 Pilgrims and friends caucusing (ISAIAH) and then raising your hand to become a delegate with Faith in Minnesota (the 501c4 arm of ISAIAH) when the endorsing of candidates takes place.

Concerned about the Saint Paul School Board? The City Convention for those endorsements will occur June 11. Attend your caucus to be a delegate for that convention. More information forthcoming.

See below for caucus and convention meeting times, locations and information. Questions? Please contact Drew Johnson ( if W3, Claudia Gordon ( if W4, and Joan Haan ( if W4 and/or other wards. Please let us know if you will be joining us!

Caucuses — ISAIAH

When: Sunday, March 19th, 1:00 pm. Please see the locations below for the respective wards. Wards 2, 4, 6 have the caucus and convention on the same day because these wards don’t have multiple candidates running. To find your ward, visit Saint Paul District Council and Ward Lookup.

Strategy/prep sessions are offered. Attendance encouraged. Registration Link to follow after registering for Caucus.

  • Ward 1 Caucus — Capitol Hill Elementary School (560 Concordia Ave, St Paul, MN 55103)

  • Ward 2 Caucus and Convention — Humboldt High School (30 Baker St E, St Paul, MN 55107)

  • Ward 3 Caucus — Highland Park Senior High School (1015 Snelling Ave S Saint Paul MN 55116)

  • Ward 4 Caucus and Convention — Murray Middle School (2200 Buford Ave, St Paul, MN 55108)

  • Ward 5 Caucus — Washington Tech Magnet School (1495 Rice St, St Paul, MN 55117)

  • Ward 6 Caucus and Convention - Hazel Park Preparatory Academy (1140 White Bear Ave N, St Paul, MN 55106

  • Ward 7 Caucus — Harding High School (1540 6th St E, St Paul, MN 55106)

(The 2023 Non-Attendee Form is also now available for any folks who would like to participate but cannot attend caucuses in-person. Visit this page for the form. NOTE this is only an option for submitting resolutions for W2,4,6 as Caucus and voting at the Convention are the same day.)

Ward Conventions – Faith in Minnesota, FIMN

  • Sat 4/29 | Ward 1 Convention 11:00 AM (registration) 12:00 PM (start time), Central High School

  • Sun 4/30 | Ward 3 Convention 11:00 AM (registration) 12:00 PM (start time), Central High School

  • Sat 4/29 | Ward 5 Convention 11:00 AM (registration) 12:00 PM (start time), Washington Tech

  • Sun 4/30 | Ward 7 Convention 11:00 AM (registration) 12:00 PM (start time), Harding High School

Why does caucusing matter?

Given how few people caucus each year, there are few more impactful ways to participate in our democracy than caucusing and becoming a delegate. For example, if 30 people show up to become

delegates in a given voting precinct, they have significantly more power to shape the candidates. And when we can organize in precincts to get five or ten other people that share our values, we have a great chance to shape our democracy and support candidates working for racial and economic justice.

I’ve never caucused before, how does it work?

In essence, a caucus is like a mini-election that decides what candidate earns a party’s endorsement. That endorsement is important, because it earns you access to a party’s resources like money, volunteers, and endorsements from other elected officials. When you go to caucus, they will ask if you would like to run to be a delegate. In many places, there will be few enough people who caucus that everyone that wants to can become a delegate. By becoming a delegate, you then will get to go to the Convention. W2,4,6 are the same day. At the Convention everyone will vote on what candidate gets the endorsement.


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