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Visiting Pilgrim?

All are welcome and celebrated at Pilgrim! We are all pilgrims on the journey of faith and life. Pilgrim Lutheran Church is a home for hungry minds and souls.



Location & Map

Pilgrim is located at 1935 St. Clair Ave, St. Paul, MN 55105. The building is on the northeast corner of St. Clair Ave & Prior Ave. Street parking is available, with a few off-street parking spots available behind the building for those with accessibility needs.


What To Expect


In worship at Pilgrim, we use the Inclusive Bible for all scripture readings. We also use the Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW) hymnal (red book). You can find the hymn number at the upper outside corner of each page.  


We celebrate Holy Communion together on the first and third Sundays of each month. Pilgrim practices an open table, which means all are welcome to participate in communion as they wish. Typically, we practice intinction (dipping the wafer into a common cup of wine), or you may use individually packaged elements, which are available on request from an usher. Gluten-free wafers and alcohol-free juice are also available.  

During worship, all will be invited to “share the peace.” This means we greet one another with “peace be with you,” “God’s peace,” or a variation on those phrases. Often, this is accompanied by a handshake, though some choose to hug, bow, or acknowledge one another in a different way. You are welcome to participate (or not participate) to your comfort level. 

Following worship, we gather for coffee time in the Fireside Room to the west of the Sanctuary. This is a chance to grab a cup of coffee and a snack and connect with other pilgrims. You are welcome to participate to your comfort level. 


Children are a vital part of Pilgrim’s community and are welcome exactly as they are in worship. Spark children’s story Bibles are available in the pews. The East and West transept areas—spaces to the left and right of the front of the sanctuary—are equipped with art supplies, rocking chairs, and other family-friendly options for little ones in worship. Busy bags are also available by the Sanctuary entrance. The activity and sounds of Pilgrim’s children are celebrated, but if you feel your child needs more space or privacy, you may accompany them in the basement Fellowship Hall. You are welcome to chestfeed/breastfeed or bottle feed your baby anywhere in the Pilgrim building, however, if you desire privacy, the nursery or bathroom on the west side of the basement Fellowship Hall are good locations. Changing tables are available in the main floor bathrooms on the East side and in the Fellowship Hall bathroom. All of this information is available on a card in the pews; click here to view an online version


Accessibility, Equity, & Inclusion


Pilgrim aims to be a space that is accessible to all. This includes the following: 

  • The bathrooms on the ground floor near the main office (East side of the building) are gender-neutral and single-stall. 

  • An elevator on the East side of the building provides access to all floors. Please enter through the East door on St. Clair Ave to avoid using the stairs.  

  • Large-print bulletins and assistive hearing devices are available upon request from an usher. 

  • Pilgrim is on Metro Transit route 70, which is a weekday-only route. The 87 & 134 routes stop two blocks West of Pilgrim at St. Clair Ave & Cleveland Ave. Route 87 runs every day; route 134 is a weekday-only route.  

  • If you are in need of a ride to Pilgrim, please contact the main office at or 651-699-6886 to get connected with a community member who can help out. 


All Are Welcome?


We say “all are welcome,” but what does that actually mean? At Pilgrim, this means we have our eyes and hearts turned towards welcoming and supporting those who are often pushed to the margins, both in society and in the church. We are committed to: 

  • Antiracism work, de-centering whiteness, and making reparations for race violence 

  • LGBTQIA+ affirmation and making a safe space for people of all genders and orientations 

  • Gender equity and ensuring that the voices of women and nonbinary/gender non-conforming individuals are amplified 

  • Accessible spaces that all bodies can navigate with ease 

  • A planet we can thrive in for many generations to come, including supporting efforts to uplift and protect indigenous care of the land 


Within the Pilgrim community, we uphold these commitments to one another: 

  • We believe in the priesthood of all believers, which means that everyone has equal footing in the church 

  • We value each person’s experience of God and do not gatekeep spirituality or religion 

  • We use kind language: we don’t tolerate hate speech, and when we need to change our language to include or respect our fellow children of God, we will 

  • We respect one another’s boundaries, and do not require physical or emotional intimacy if it isn’t welcome 

  • We strive to keep our hearts and minds open, and practice a willingness to be wrong, ask questions, and learn 

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