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Online Voting Tutorial


(0:00) Hi everyone, my name is Denika Anderson, and I'm the communications specialist at Pilgrim. Today, I'm going to be showing you how to submit your vote online for the special congregational meeting on February 20th. If you are planning to attend the meeting remotely, this is how you will cast your vote.

(0:17) You will have received this email on Thursday, February 17, explaining the purpose of the meeting, the agenda, and the process for voting both in person and online. In this email, scroll down until you find the big purple button that reads, "click here to cast your vote remotely." Go ahead and click on that, and then it will load this Google form. Please read the instructions fully as only confirmed Pilgrim members can vote, and then type in your full first and last name and select either "yes" or "no" for your vote. Remember, your vote indicates whether or not you agree with the Vestry's motion; a yes vote indicates that you agree with the motion and would like to call Pastor Jen Rome as the next lead pastor for Pilgrim, and a no vote means that you do not agree with the motion.

(1:05) After you have answered both questions, you can hit submit, and then when this page loads after you submit your vote, you can click "submit another response" if there is another confirmed Pilgrim member in your household.

(1:18) While we are collecting names alongside the votes, please be assured that your vote will not be tied to your name. Your name is being used only to confirm that all votes are cast by confirmed Pilgrim members, and your vote will be counted separately from your name.

(1:32) If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Pilgrim office at any time, either by emailing or by calling 651-699-6886.

(1:45) This has been a tutorial for accessing the online voting for the special congregational meeting on February 20th, I'm Denika Anderson, take care and go in peace!


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