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Call Committee Update

This most recent Sunday, October 24, was a big day for the Call Committee: we were formally commissioned during the morning service; we witnessed the affirmation of Pilgrim’s Ministry Site Profile; and we met with the Rev. Justin Grimm, the representative from the Saint Paul Area Synod, who walked us through the next steps of the call process.

In accordance with synod policy on internal candidates, one of our first steps was to discern whether to interview Pastor Jen for the lead pastor role, and we have discerned that we will move forward by considering Pastor Jen as our first (and currently sole) candidate.

Our next steps are to review the results of the CAT survey, the insights gained from focus group discussions, the newly-affirmed Ministry Site Profile, and Pastor Jen’s Rostered Minister Profile, and use those documents in conjunction with resources provided by Pastor Grimm to craft interview questions.

As this process moves forward, please stay on the lookout for regular updates. We are bound by confidentiality but will endeavor to keep you informed at appropriate times.

During the liturgy this past Sunday, Pastor Chris asked us if we would “faithfully participate in the process...and call upon the Spirit for guidance and direction in all [we] do?” We answered then and we continue to answer, we will, and we thank the Pilgrim community for their prayers and trust as we work to fulfill our commission.

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