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Call Committee Update - November 13

The Call Committee sincerely thanks the Pilgrim community for their prayers as we continue our work of calling a new lead pastor. We recognize the importance of this work and are striving to do the best job we can for the church and community that we dearly love. As such, we’d like to provide you with an update on where we are in this process.

As we shared in our first update, we are moving forward by considering Pastor Jen as our first and-- per synod policy--currently sole candidate. We recently received Pastor Jen’s Rostered Minister Profile and have been reviewing and discussing it along with Pilgrim’s Ministry Site Profile, the results of the CAT survey, the insights from focus group discussions, and the Lead Pastor job description. We are using all of this information to craft interview questions that we will first use in a mock interview with a mock candidate who will give us feedback on these questions and our interview process. After we complete the mock interview and review the feedback, we will revise our questions and regroup prior to interviewing Pastor Jen.

As you can imagine, all of this takes some time to do in an intentional and meaningful way, so we are committed to meeting every Monday evening in order to give each step of this process the attention it deserves. At the end of each meeting, we check if there is any new information the congregation needs to hear, so continue to watch for appropriately-timed updates in the weekly emails and on Pilgrim’s blog.


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