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Welcome to the Pilgrim Blog!

Hello Pilgrim community! In this age of virtual everything, the Pilgrim staff is always trying to find the best solutions for the challenges that come with moving our community's gatherings online. One of the experiments we're trying is utilizing the blog function on our website for hosting date-specific content (like the Zoom, YouTube, and bulletin file links for Sunday morning and evening worship, as well as congregational emails). This move will help make this site easier to navigate and maintain, while keeping all the functionality that the current method of posting this content on individual subpages has. Rest assured, this will be a gradual move; you will be able to find this content both here and where you are used to finding it as we all get acclimated.

As always, if you have any questions or need help navigating the blog, you are invited to reach out to the Pilgrim office. You can reach Mary Brodd, Pilgrim Office Coordinator, at, or Denika Anderson, Pilgrim Communications Specialist, at

Blessings to you as we all adapt to our changing world!


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