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Sacred Music for Epiphany

Welcome to the season of Epiphany! Every year, January 6 marks the end of the season of Christmas and the beginning of this subsequent season of the church year. I very much enjoyed making short 4-5 minute videos for you using music from the seasons of Advent and Christmas and would like to continue by offering a similar video that will release every Saturday at 8:30 am. I hope listening to this music of the season brings you joy!

~Paul Stever

UPDATE (February 13, 2021):

Starting Feb 15, Pilgrim worship and music videos will only be available for two weeks at a time and then will be hidden from public viewing. If you have a favorite service or hymn video that you'd like to see one last time, from January and previously, now is your last chance! Paul's sacred music videos will begin again on Monday, February 22 at noon with a brand new Monday Musical Moment on Facebook Live.


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