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High School Multicultural Youth Justice (MY-J) Summer Opportunity

You are invited to participate in the upcoming "Multicultural Youth Justice" a.k.a. "MY-J" watch parties at Pilgrim this July 21-23! The ELCA Multicultural Youth Justice "is a volunteer-driven, BIPOC-led experience to empower, inspire and educate youth and their leaders through the power of community."

The event is primarily online, so we thought it would be fun and meaningful to watch the online stream together so we can discuss, act, and celebrate together in real time. Youth from around Saint Paul and a couple different church families will be gathering together for MY-J!

Here is an example of the schedule — it will vary a bit each day but you can expect youth leadership, music, powerful speakers, holiness, activities, art, fun, and free food!


At Home Online:

8-8:30 am: LIVE Chaplain Time (Spiritual Care)

11-11:30 am: MYJ LIVE YOUTH TAKE OVER Social Media (Led by Youth in CST & EST)

At Pilgrim:

12-12:45 pm: Online Workshop Time (across all time zones)

12:45-1:45 pm: Lunch PBJs or Falafel!

2-2:20 pm: Holy Pause (across all time zones)

2:30-3 pm: Break & Art Activity

3-3:30 pm: MYJ LIVE on social media — Scavenger Hunt, Dance Contest, Flash Mob — JOIN US TO FIND OUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN

3:30-4:30 pm: Art Trailer — activities led by Olga and Katia!

4:30-5 pm: MYJLIVE YOUTH TAKEOVER Social Media (Led by youth in PST & MST)

At Home Online:

6:30 pm: MYJ BACKSTAGE (Log on early to see rehearsing and getting ready for MYJLIVE)

7-8:30 pm: MYJLIVE Worship ,Speaker & Interactive Activity ALL TIME ZONES

9-10:30 pm: RADIO MYJ (Music Time) Across all time zones (SILENT DISCO)

Summer schedules can be busy and these days are packed with good content! It is completely okay to register and not attend for the whole time, or even to only attend online if you will be traveling or busy with other activities during the day. That said, we’d love to see you in-person for as much of the event as you will be available for and are really looking forward to seeing you!


To register, fill out this form or simply let me know ( you’d like to attend and I will add you to the registration list. Thanks to the generosity of several Pilgrim community members who want to support you, registration for this event is covered!

See you at MY-J!



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