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Community Prayer Steps

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Next time you are out for a walk, come and check out the Community Prayer Steps, and then continue on in a prayer walk to neighboring congregations participating in this witness! In the spirit of unity and embracing hope, we carry one another's prayers and intentions between our "trees."

About the prayer steps: This is an invitation for all people in our community to bring a ribbon, symbolizing their prayer, and tie it to the railings on the steps leading up the Pilgrim sanctuary front door. A lawn sign in front of Pilgrim announces this invitation, calling it a “faith-filled interactive art installation.” This prayer witness emerged from conversations with neighboring congregations: Macalester Plymouth United, Fairmount Avenue Methodist, and Immanuel Lutheran. They each are debuting “Community Prayer Trees,” inviting people to tie a ribbon to a branch of a tree, but Pilgrim doesn’t have a tree with branches that we can reach! Hence, the prayer steps. As we move along in this partnership of prayer, we may develop a walking prayer path among our faith communities.

Find and share the prayer trees (and steps) on social media by following and tagging #MacGrovePrays.


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