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All Saints Sunday, November 1

  • All Saints Day

  • *Liturgy of Remembrance On this festival Sunday, we remember with thanksgiving Pilgrims who died in the past year and the Pilgrim who was baptized in the past year

  • Point for Pilgrims During the Point for Pilgrims you will be invited to reflect on your own “cloud of witnesses.” Please bring a piece of paper and something to write with!

  • PJ Sunday

  • Families in Faith Grade 6 Blessing: My Self, My Gifts

  • Pastor Jen Rome preaching

  • Zoom link here

  • Meeting ID: 916 7782 1243

  • Passcode: 994874

  • Zoom via Telephone: 312-626-6799

*During this liturgy, all Pilgrims are invited to hold up pictures or candles, in memory of loved ones who have died.

Forum — 10:40 am — Balm for the Soul, Pre-Election: The Ancient Gifts of Christian Song and Rituals (use same Zoom link as worship)


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