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Advent Arrives!

  • First Sunday of Advent

  • Lighting of the Advent candles/Point for Pilgrims — Hannah Olson

  • Silver Pilgrim Award presentation

  • Pilgrim Johnson Fellow Leif McLellan preaching

  • Zoom link here

  • Meeting ID: 916 7782 1243

  • Passcode: 994874

  • Zoom via Telephone: 312-626-6799

  • YouTube / bulletin

10:40 am Forum - What do Advent and the Pandemic Have in Common?

Come and join our own Kirsten and Matthew Anderson (parents of Solvei, Freya, and Silje) and David and Gloria Anderson (Kirsten’s parents) as they discuss the importance of Advent during the pandemic. Both Advent and the pandemic encourage us to emphasize the role of the home in faith formation. Using Taking Faith Home, a resource written by David and Gloria, the four will talk about three easy steps to bring faith into the home this season: have caring conversations, read the Bible, and pray.


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