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9th & 10th Grade Confirmation — Shabbat Worship at Mt. Zion Synagogue

Our next Confirmation event – Mt. Zion Synagogue tour and Shabbat worship this Friday!

We will no longer be going to Pastor Jen’s:

Parents/caring adults drop off at or attend with youth at Mount Zion Temple, 1300 Summit Ave., at 5:15 pm for tour and worship — wear a mask; parking is available just to east in the lot behind Kowalskis.

Please pick-up from Mt. Zion at 7:30pm — Pastor Jen will wait outside with youth being picked up.

Our tour guide Jonathan will meet us for a tour of the Temple followed by a Shabbat worship service – we are honored to be invited into this worshipping space.


  1. Wear nice clothes (business casual/nicer clothes)

  2. If youth or parents need anything, please contact Pastor Jen: 612-396-0289

  3. Fill out this COVID-19 Safety form, requested by Mt. Zion:


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