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The July Newsletter + Newsletter Updates


An Update on the Pilgrim Newsletter

As our practices shift in this stage of the pandemic, the Pilgrim staff has been re-evaluating the newsletter process. This has led to a few exciting updates in this process.

Digital Delivery

When the pandemic began, we shifted to almost exclusively digital delivery of the newsletter. As part of Pilgrim's stewardship of both the environment and our finances, the staff has decided to continue sending the newsletter digitally as our primary means of delivery. Pilgrims who would like to have a printed copy may pick one up in the narthex, or send an email to the Pilgrim office with your current address if you'd like to have one mailed to you.

SimpleBooklet App

In shifting to primarily digital delivery, some of the functionality of a paper copy is lost. Starting with this issue, we are using SimpleBooklet, an app that makes reading PDFs digitally much easier. This includes live links within the PDF as well as a handy table of contents.

A New Newsletter Email

Along with the app, we have created a brand new email layout designed specifically for the newsletter, which has links to each section of the newsletter as well as highlights from featured articles. If you would like to be on Pilgrim's newsletter email list, send a message to the Pilgrim office.

Shifting Deadlines

Beginning with the September issue, the deadline for newsletter items will be the 10th of the month. This helps facilitate our improved editing process and allows for a more accurate, concise, and clear newsletter. Please send your September newsletter items to by August 10.

An Ongoing Process

As with everything at Pilgrim, this new process is an experiment. We know there have been so many changes over the past year and a half, and this is just another on that list. We hope that this improves your experience with the newsletter, and we always want to hear from you about what's working and what isn't. Reach out to Denika Anderson, Pilgrim's communications specialist, with your feedback. Thank you for continuing to adapt!


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