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JCART Event - "Rez Road 2000" from The History Theatre

The four neighborhood churches of JCART (Joint Church Antiracism Team; Pilgrim Lutheran, Immanuel Lutheran, Fairmount Avenue United Methodist, and Macalester Plymouth United) invite you to a play that will help us understand the issues of Native Americans.

The History Theatre is presenting an online one-person production of Rez Road 2000 from February 22 – March 7, 2021. It is written and performed by Jim Northrup, an Anishinaabe storyteller. With humor and biting wit, Jim takes on the "cultural clash" that makes up the American and Native American landscape. Lydia Howell says, “He takes us from government forced boarding school to marine boot camp, shares silly dog stories and harrowing war stories, shows the journey from ‘gaining warrior experience’ to being a grandfather raising the world's oldest nine-year-old boy.” The streaming production run time is 110 minutes. Link to History Theatre Rez Road

JCART has purchased a group ticket to the event, making it free to all who register through us. To gain access as part of our group you will need to register via this link Rez Road Sign Up. We will send you the online link for the event on approximately February 20th. The performance can be watched anytime during the run of the play – as many times as you wish.

We will also provide an opportunity for a JCART community discussion about Rez Road on March 7th from 4:00-5:00pm. This will offer time for small group discussion via a Zoom meeting.

Note: Performance contains strong language


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