Music is not cancelled. It will just sound a little different for a while. Church is not cancelled. Worship will just look a little different for a while. Relationships will not be cancelled. They will just feel a little different for a while. Faith will not be cancelled. It will just grow in different ways for a while. Love will not be cancelled. In fact, we will need more of it for a while. Grace and peace be with you all as we find our way in this new wilderness.

— Tom Trenney

March 2020

People are listening for our stories: about what happens in this faith community and the difference it makes, as well as our stories of why we are a part of a church, this church, and this ancient and boldly countercultural faith tradition — of meaning making and spiritual practice, of worshipping and praising God — a faith tradition called Christian, centered in the creating God, the life-giving Spirit, and the Word made flesh named Jesus, whom we are always meeting again, as if for the first time.

Before we get to Lent, there’s the cold month of February. It seems like a great time to bring the rich liturgical connections of the movie Frozen 2 into our worship life. As we did in 2014 with the movie Frozen in worship, Vacation Bible School, and more, we will draw upon Frozen 2 as inspiration for worship, in this case, for a new communion liturgy (in a similar way that we did with the musical Hamilton, not so long ago). I have been fascinated to learn about the ancient liturgical grounding of one of the musical themes in this movie. So, I’m calling this new communion setting: “From Ancient Grounding into the Unknown.” The movie song “Into the Unknown” is one of the places where this ancient connection is particularly evident.

December 2019 / January 2020

Advent arrives with December’s calling card in her hand this year. We move from Thanksgiving right into Advent anticipation and awaiting, this holy season of reflection leading to the Christmas season. 

October/November 2019

With joy, Pilgrim is welcoming Joe Davis as our Artist-Theologian in Residence this fall. Some will remember Joe as our Pilgrim Anniversary Sunday preacher and forum leader last fall.

September 2019

Here comes Rally Sunday and all that we are rallying for! This newsletter offers a variety of glimpses of some of all that ministry teams and ministry staff have been working on.

The farmer poet Wendell Berry writes,

“And the world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles, no matter how long, but only by a spiritual journey, a journey of one inch, very arduous and humbling and joyful, by which we arrive at the ground at our own feet, and learn to be at home.”

During worship we get to pass God’s peace to one another. It is an interaction with an intention. But at coffee hour we get to ask each other: “How ARE you??????” We get to invite one another into conversation, engage one another. Real connection, stripped of masks, in a spirit of vulnerability IS an experience of the body of Christ. We listen, we are present to one another face to face. We are bound together as our joys are magnified, and our troubles are shared. But I believe it is ALSO in the sharing of our STORIES that we are transformed, little by little.

The season of Lent was a time, historically, for adult converts to complete their preparations for baptism on the eve of Easter. It was a time for deepening their journey of faith. In that spirit of Lent, we will center our Lenten reflections on two series: Questions of Faith and Questions of Faith Practices as a time of deepening faith among hungry minds and souls...

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