Sunday Morning Worship at 8:30/11:00 am

January 19 —  Reconciling in Christ Sunday, Point for Pilgrims, Guest preacher: Ashlei Cramer. Reconciling in Christ Program Coordinator

January 26 —  Holy Communion, Cross+Generational Worship, Families in Faith rite, 2nd Grade: Share, Save, Spend (11 am); Pastor Jen Rome preaching

February 2 — A Global Service of Holy Communion, with a special focus on Tanzania/Africa, preacher: Leif McClellan, Pilgrim Leadership and Creativity Johnson Fellow
╬ 8 am — First Sunday Meditation — Upstairs Community Room

February 9 — Nordic Morning Prayer, Point for Pilgrims, Pastor Jen Rome preaching

February 16 —  A New Liturgy of Holy Communion, “From Ancient Grounding into the Unknown,” Families in Faith Rite,
Age 2-3: My Church (11 am); Pastor Carol Tomer preaching on “Frozen Two”

February 23 — Transfiguration Sunday, “burying” of the Alleluias as we transition into the season of Lent,
Children’s musical:  “The Tale of Three Trees”

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