Post-Congregational Meeting Thoughts — from Pastor Carol Tomer (continued)

I love the fact that this congregational meeting is blessed by ministry minutes once again.  In that same spirit of many people giving shape to many ministry stories, I want to offer some invitations into ministry stand-ups once again this year -- putting faces to many dimensions of our shared ministry.  I get to give an oral report at these annual congregational meetings, winter and spring, but all of the staff members and ministry team leaders have written reports in this printed report.  So, I’m going to draw upon their reports, as well as my own, in calling out these ministries and the invitation to stand up if you were a part of the named ministry.  I’ll invite you to stand. We’ll look around and give thanks.  And then you can be seated.  And we won’t clap until the end, just to keep this long list moving.  And, I know that this list is NOT every way in which our shared ministry and life together is shaped by the participation of everyone — this is a PARTIAL list.

If you supported morning worship with behind-the-scenes roles, including as sacristans, part of the altar guild, a worship team leader, working with liturgical arts and the ways our worship space is artfully shaped for some of our liturgical seasons, or part of the team who take turns weekly getting the letters onto the signboard outside -- please stand.

If you supported morning worship with roles within the service, such as preaching, serving communion, leading the prayers, reading the lessons, ushering, or hosting coffee following worship -- please stand.

If you supported evening worship, such as reading, ushering, setting up for worship, or support of coffee time following worship — please stand.

If you have sung in one of the choirs, even one time, or served as a cantor, or shared special music in morning worship -- please stand.

If you supported our children’s ministries of Sunday School, the Children’s Christmas Program, the Children’s musical, offered a Point for Pilgrims, led one of the Pathways youth classes on Sunday mornings or joined in leading a Pathways retreat or other kind of outing for youth or children, or if you participated as a Pathways youth or child in any of these ministries — please stand.

If you have helped support congregational life and care ministries — in these two areas: hospitality and fellowship —  through potlucks, the Advent Tea, or by assisting with our annual Lenten Soup Suppers — or our ministries of care and visitation, by making visits to those who are homebound or dealing with health crises — please stand. 

If you have helped to care for the building, repaired things, or cared for the grounds outside the building -- please stand.

If you supported ministries that are connected to office functions, such as printing of worship bulletins, the proofreading of those bulletins, helped with bulk mailings, or other office tasks — please stand.

If you participated in acts of hands-on service in our community and world, through participation in these ministries beyond this building:  Community Emergency Service, Project Home, Tutoring through Opportunity St. Paul Outreach, Urban Homeworks, donated products for the Keystone community food shelves, contributed to our Tanzanian sister congregation relationship, including providing scholarships, or shared in any other Pilgrim hands-on ministries of service— please stand.

If you were a part of justice-making efforts to change the systems that perpetuate injustice and violence and efforts to care for creation and efforts to live more deeply into our Reconciling in Christ welcome — including participating in gun legislation hearings, marches, Twin Cities non-violence program participation, attended Every Church a Peace Church gatherings or Isaiah meetings, attended an ending racism training, attend a local Iftar, spoke at a local church event about creation care, or changed your personal creation care habits, and much more — please stand.

If you served on a Pilgrim committee or a task force or the vestry -- please stand.

Wow!  And, these ways are just some of the many ways in which we share in being the church, by coming together in ministry and going out in ministry, the many ways we are all a part of this shared ministry.  I give thanks for the many ministries we just named and the many people who have served in those ministries — and I also give thanks for the many additional ways and the many additional people who share in this ministry, all of us being a part of the one body of Christ, bearing witness as Pilgrims, in the name of Jesus.