Outdoor Worship with Communion — Sunday mornings, August 23 & 30

We will celebrate Communion together in a new way that is safe and meaningful for everyone.  Please bring your own bread/crackers and grape juice and cup from home.  Please do not bring wine in order to make sure that we are following the law of not having open containers of alcohol in public places. We will share in a liturgy of communion; we will each lift up our own bread/cracker and juice along with the pastor; to receive communion, we will stay seated in place; a pastor will say "the body of Christ given for you," and then we will all eat our bread/cracker at the same time; then a pastor will say "the blood of Christ shed for you," and we will all drink our juice at the same time.  We will each take any packaging, dishes, or waste home with us.  Yes, Communion will work differently; and, yes, Communion will be holy and meaningful.