Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sunday School, Youth Pathways, and Children’s Choirs are CANCELLED

Information Meeting for All Ages Camp this summer is POSTPONED

Here’s what I want to share with you, dear Pilgrim families:

We’ve all got so much on our plates; trying to figure out what to do or not to do, trying to figure out what’s best with COVID-19 out there—for our children, for our elders, for the most vulnerable among us—because that’s what we do as siblings in Christ! We want to care for and protect life because that’s what God made us to do, what Christ does for us, and what the Spirit calls us to.

So we’ll get to do that together in the coming days and weeks in new ways. Know that your Pilgrim staff is working on ways to worship, learn, and care for each other that will keep all of us healthy and cultivate spiritual health.  We will still need to connect.  There are actually some lovely ideas forming—but we can only move so fast.  It’s a lot to figure out.  I know you understand and are praying for your staff as we’re praying for you—that’s just one of the things we love about Pilgrims!

We need each other.  Especially when things are so new and confusing and fast.  Being together, in whatever forms that takes, is how God cares for us. You are not alone, even if you’re the only person in your home. Know you are surrounded by the love of your siblings in Christ; you are surrounded by the love of God—the very love that binds us together.

The decisions made for tomorrow are just that, decisions for tomorrow.  As we learn more and collaborate with you all and colleagues and synod staff, we will be sharing about it with you, day to day and week to week.

Your church loves you. You are beloved children of God.  We’re in this together, dear siblings in Christ.

❤Pastor Jen